Sunday, December 29, 2013

I am free.

There is something basic in our life.. but we miss/ignore...


My purpose is achieved.
The entire circle of birth and death is over.
I have realized the perfect bliss of the atman.
I have known myself to be Brahman.
I am free.
I am perfect.
I am independent.
I enjoy bliss.
I enjoy the bliss of the immortal soul.
I am brimful of perennial joy.
A self-effulgent light burns in my heart.
I have broken all illusory relationships.
Now there is no husband, no wife.
Now there is no cousin and no grandfather.
It is all one homogeneous essence of bliss only.

Now my task is complete.
I am free from doubt.
I am free from delusion.
Why should I study the scriptures?
I rest in my own essential nature.
Now, where is the necessity for meditation?
I act like any other human being.
I bathe, I sleep, I sing, I work, I write, I walk, I eat and I talk. And yet, I do not perform any action at all.

swami sivananda

True life is made up of ‘now’. True life is not made up of bygone yesterdays or uncertain tomorrows. If you make this moment all that it ought to be, it will bring something improved the next moment.

- Swami Chidananda

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